Part 3. While in Rome

“Strange Things’re Happening Here Every Day”
Hello, Any Russians Here?
I am Russian Because I am Rushing…
Street Corner with a Catch
Why Kansas City?
Nuclear Shelter
Life Is Grand
Drive Through
Unfriendly Idioms
Russian Blond in the Snow Storm
Attention to details
Middle Finger
First Christmas in America
Fat-Free Nonsense
Nothing to Wear
One Size Fits All
Where Were My Eye Balls?
Mattress nightmare #2
Political Correctness
Falling Towers and Mission Hills
Best Roads in the World
Pumpkin Ladies
Christmas in September
Learning to fly
And Who Is Talking, Please?
Have a Happy Period
Welcome to the Real World
Holy Socks
Where is the manual?
Between life and death
If You Never Had a Daughter
She is mystery
Gift Etiquette
Police Protection
Yellow Balls
Corned Beef
Chain Saw
Better Business
Don’t Say Yes, When You mean No
True Blindness is Mine
Lizard Brain Reaction
At Least You Are Honest!
Matter of Taste
From a Suitcase to a Semi
Mayflower and Lenin
Russian Drug
Lavash and Turkish Coffee
The Law of Social Osmosis

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